Hi i'm Sandra Lyons

Who can benefit from a fully custom online fitness plan & nutrition?

Literally everyone. I’m currently helping people from 12 to 60+ years old. Everyone is getting an adjusted program and a meal plan.

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Tamar offers one-to-one DIR Floortime Therapy  in-office and in-school. Sessions are held both indoors and outdoors with the incorporation of sensorimotor play to best support the child in social-emotional development. Parents are incorporated into 1:1 sessions to strengthen the parent-child relationship

It’s true that your child is different, they all are. With an approach like DIR Floortime, the childs’ individual differences are accounted for and sessions are fine tuned to the unique child. I use a multidisciplinary approach in all my sessions to better understand the root causes of behaviors and how to best address them. Forming a healthy relationship with the child and family is key in development. Giving parents the tools they need to practice strategies at home speeds up progress in meeting the goals we create together.

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